Samantha Sweetwater | Dancing Freedom
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Meet Dancing Freedom
A Practice for Wild, Evolutionary Times



About me and dance:  I started dancing when I was 13 as a way to channel emotional and spiritual energy and as a space to explore my deepest questions:  “Why don’t people get along?”, “Why is there war?”, “How can we (or I) get to peace?”, “What makes a good relationship?”  I’ve been dancing ever since.  My dance has spanned a career as a professional dancer and choreographer, a career as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer, a stint as a dance fitness instructor, over 20 years of practice and facilitation of contact improvisation, and countless trainings in somatics, Feldenkrais, BMC, capoeira, chi kung, massage, perceptual and experiential anatomy, yoga, Reiki mastery, and various improvisational techniques.  I created Dancing Freedom just after my 30th birthday when I had become disenchanted with the separation between audiences and performers and deeply interested in shared participation.  I’ve been doing it ever since.