Samantha Sweetwater | My Story
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Embodiment.  Higher Purpose.  Optimal Life Experience.


I’ve been more or less “awake” since I was a little girl. Viewing the world from the perspective of awakeness, most of what we consider “business as usual” looks pretty much insane. So, I grew up feeling like an outsider and alien. How could it be that we created a world so diametrically opposed to


Then, I realized I wasn’t alone.


One day, I had this realization that pretty much everyone would, some day, fall in love. For me, this was all I needed to know.  Suddenly, all of humanity became my tribe. Since then, no one has ever been able to tell me that I can’t change the world.

The answer is love.


I have chosen, again and again, to be fully here – hands dirty in the living, naked to the loving, stripped bare in the losing.  Transcendence is easy.  Immanence is what interests me.  Integration of the above and below.  I’m here to model evolutionary leadership and success – not the success we were taught to believe in, but the kind of radiance, fullness, and connection that comes from living in praise, in grief, in connection, and in truth.  I love myself.  That has come hard.  It is sweet.  This is where I’d like to start with you.

About Samantha Sweetwater


With over 25 years of experience as a small group leader, ceremonial orchestrator, transformational coach and nature connection agent, Samantha is loved internationally as an embodied consciousness guide whose pioneering, non-dual wisdom teachings empower truly authentic and lasting growth for her clients.  Samantha helps people to embody and then create from the Higher Purpose they are here to live and to love.


As an evolutionary systems theorist and regenerative leader with a life-long grounding in embodied practice (somatics, dance, raja yoga, chi kung, meditation and permaculture), she weaves confluent wisdom streams into powerfully integral support for the evolutionary journey of Embodied Awakening.  As a facilitator and guide, she embodies a tender and rigorous love that fearlessly reflects the truth waiting to be born when you really feel and listen to yourself.  She invites you to meet yourself and others with authenticity, courage and compassion, to inhabit your life (and your body) as your spiritual practice, and to discover and enact your Higher Purpose.

A Force of Nature
A Teacher of Teachers
Professional Stuff

In 1997, after a career as a professional dancer, choreographer, and community organizer, she founded Dancing Freedom®, a movement practice for all bodies for the evolution of Self and community.  She has helped to birth the emergent conscious dance industry, having facilitated Dancing Freedom on 5 continents and trained over 240 facilitators.  Her students have gone on to create successful ecstatic dance communities around the world, to found Dancing Without Borders, to co-found the Young Women’s Leadership Training, to work in the United Nations Peace University, and to facilitate Movement Medicine in the Nation’s largest hospital group, in women’s crisis centers, Occupy rallies, permaculture trainings, WakeUps, conferences, festivals and community gatherings globally. Between 2007 and 2010, she founded and co-directed PeaceBody Japan, a school for integral personal growth, that assisted hundreds of Japanese individuals to create more soulful, successful, and co-creative lives.


In 2013,  she has focused her considerable energy on bringing the embodied transformational tools of Dancing Freedom into collaboration with Fundación Cummunidad Sustentable in Ecuador to build, a nationwide Social Innovation training platform, in partnership with the Ashoka, Kaospilot, and Bid Net.


Her educational background includes a self-created degree in Social Theory and the Dance (BA, UCSC with Honors) with a secondary emphasis in Legal Philosophy.  She is in the process of completing a combined Masters/PhD with Wisdom University.  A gifted intuitive and clairsentient, she has trained with the Foundation for Spiritual Development, the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School and with various shamans and healers globally.  She is an ordained priestess in the 13 Moon Goddess Lineage of Ariel Spilsbury, a Reiki Master, and a certified Dream Coach.  Her professional experience bridges ten years as an independent choreographer, dancer, and producer in the San Francisco alternative arts scene; 10 years of teaching and training yoga teachers; and over 20 years of leadership experience from student government to arts and environmental community.  Her greatest learnings have come though a lifetime of daily immersion in the “more than human” world of Nature; 24 years of dance and somatics practice, training, research, and performance; 20 years of advanced yoga study, practice, and teaching; and the ongoing journeys of RELATIONSHIP.

“Oneness excludes nothing. No exceptions.”