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Uncategorized / 15.12.2016

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can i order Pregabalin online I’m writing from South Africa where I’ve been mostly off-grid for over two weeks, immersed in the humidity and heat of the bushveld of the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere region.  I’ve been listening to Nature and Spirit, and exploring how these deeper patterns of intelligence can and must guide our love and leadership at this time.  As I dropped into the...

Featured, Uncategorized / 28.09.2015

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Sometimes, when I'm on stage at a festival or facilitating a class, I look out at a sea of dancing people, and I think: "Wow.  This is what the it looks like when we 'arrive.'  This is what it looks like when people are awake - not just as consciousness - but fully in their bodies, in expression, in connection.  This...

Uncategorized / 21.07.2015

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Today I have received news of the second suicide of a young person in one of my communities.  The news falls hard.  There's a lot of news like this, these days.  Have you noticed?  How are you feeling? Today, I have softened my heart to listened and offered the gentle counsel of non-blaming, no-faulting.  I have quietly offered words of embrace...

Uncategorized / 31.03.2015

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This morning, while driving down the Bayshore freeway in heavy traffic, I was overcome with tears of love and joy. My life is so powerfully overflowing with the endless answers to all my prayers - including YOU reading this now.  (Yes, I pray for my writing to be useful to real people.) In our church, there's a prayer we like to...

Uncategorized / 11.12.2014

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Who are You? You, who have always been here? You, who have always loved? You, who have died 18,000 times only to crawl your way back into a human skin?   Your breath is a sweet rhythm. Your body a cosmic chalice. Your human heart a lioness guarding the balance of living and dying.   This sweet, bitter world is your playground. This soil, your flesh. This sunlight, your soulstream.   You are the one who makes this...

Uncategorized / 06.10.2014

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Our instinctive selves are unconfused about our non-separation with all of life. Instinct never lies. Instinct arises out of our organismic nature; it is bio-logical.  We are instinctively able to feel our right place in the ecosystem - whether that ecosystem is natural, social, or meta-physical. The refined insights of the Buddha - that we are dependently co-arising with all things, that we are...

Uncategorized / 04.10.2014

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Oh! I love it when my own words return me to truths I need to be reminded of! This blog's been getting a lot of reads in the last few days...

Uncategorized / 26.06.2014

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The Earth Misses Us: Unfurling the Natural Intelligence of Our Souls   “Soul is fundamentally a biological concept, defined as the primary organizing, sustaining, and guiding principle of a living being.  Soulcraft is the skill needed in shaping the human soul toward its fulfillment and unity with the entire universe.  The universe and the human soul find their fulfillment in each...