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A New Kind Of Person, Sacred Leadership, Soul Transition, Uncategorized / 13.02.2012

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purchace Fincar online It helps.  It really helps. “I would believe only in a God that knows how to Dance.”  -Friederich Nietzsche “Are we human?  Are we dancing?”  ~The Killers   Why Dance? It just makes sense.  When we dance, nothing is hidden.  We feel.  We love.  We connect.  We reflect.  We share joy.  We find our authentic inner impulses.  We see ourselves and others transparently.  We uplevel...

Uncategorized / 20.12.2011

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"]акции We Are Evolution (Excerpted from the book I am writing:  Dancing Freedom:  A Conscious Mover's Handbook) “When a system is far from equilibrium, small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos have the capacity to lift the system to a higher order.”  ~ Ilya Prigogine Evolution is the process through which change acts on living systems and through which living systems change...

Uncategorized / 06.10.2011

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Do You Have Old Wounding About Community? I have a big dream for community.  Don't you?? Almost everyone I know has this dream - a BIG DREAM of living on land, in community with people you love and a huge garden - living in harmony with the earth, with people, with a new kind of human tribe and family.  It's a new...

A New Kind Of Person, The End & The Beginning, Uncategorized / 16.09.2011

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Vision:  ONE EARTH TEMPLES Living, useable spaces - embodied oneness temples - form the spiritual and cultural backbone of a new civilization. Each temple is between 2 and 3,000sf Each temple is a vibrant, unique hub for community ceremony, celebration, counsel and education. Each temple anchors the divine union of body, soul, spirit and service. They are built with exquisite care and devotion in accord...

Uncategorized / 25.04.2011

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[caption id="attachment_529" align="alignleft" width="354" caption="The Fire Of the SOUL Never Dies or Dims. We simply forget to trust, listen and act from the deep knowing within."][/caption] "Thank You For My Life!" Arriving home on this blessed Day of Resurrection - this day when Christ returned through the miracle of death, this day when all of us have the the opportunity to be...

Uncategorized / 17.07.2010

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What do I mean by SLOW LEADERSHIP? I mean that leadership is something that every single person is capable of, and that true leadership arises with maturity and deep relationships. It is not about power over, it is about power shared and empowerment offered. It is about leading AND following. It is about learning and living...

Uncategorized / 04.07.2010

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Hang Onto Your Hats. The Solar Eclipse of July 11th Will Be  Intense ! Re-posted courtesy of EarthPeoples United Special Metatronic Channel The considerable and extremely potent  energy within this rare alignment of the Grand Cross and dual eclipses is a double-edged sword. It's amplified intensity can be harnessed for considerable gains if it is ...

Uncategorized / 20.04.2010

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Prudence knows that our freedom and survival are delicately interwoven with our responsibility and restraint. Practicing prudence, we do the "karmic math" in order to determine how our choices and our actions will influence tomorrow....