Samantha Sweetwater | For the Bridgewalkers & Evolutionaries
Samantha Sweetwater | For the Bridgewalkers & Evolutionaries

For the Bridgewalkers & Evolutionaries

For the Bridgewalkers & Evolutionaries

Are you a bridgewalker?


There are many of us living at this time who straddle multiple worlds, multiple worldviews, multiple ways of knowing and engaging with nature, human beings, technology, spirit, our bodies, our minds…

We are living in what is undoubtedly the most culturally complex and chaotic time in human history.

From my perspective, it looks and feels like we’re actually speciating in multiple trajectories, and it’s unclear what evolution will select for, or if there will be one or multiple different iterations of the humans – some more embodied and connected to nature, others more head driven and connected to tech (and/or both).

The ways in which we use technology (as well as what spiritual and embodied technologies we are chosing to tend our consciousness) fundamentally alter our brains, how we use our bodies, how our nervous systems perceive intimacy, connection, meaning and motivation.

If you feel into the way a human being functions as an operating system, you can feel this as a meta-pattern in people. We are evolving ourselves quickly. We don’t all run on the same operating system – at all.

At the same time, we are actually becoming more ONE. Planetary limits + consciousness expansion + globally scaled tech are inexorably pushing us towards the realization of interdependence and universal connectivity – what I call deep communion.

And… we’re not sure that becoming disembodied (i.e. constantly attached to a screen or a device) is actually really healthy, or a good way to experience the deep pleasures and pains of a truly embodied and connected life.

Being embodied is both way more ALIVE and also more full spectrum than living in screen land.

Business selects for screen aptitude.

The planet will select for belonging.

So… bridgewalkers. You are needed at this time.

Weave the fabric.

Share your gifts.