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Your soul is an impeccable guide.
All crises of purpose, direction, and meaning are the soul crying out for alignment.
When we lead and love in integrity with our souls’ purpose, we bring the diverse codes of a thriving and unified world into being.
  • Is it time to “make big changes?”
  • Do you want significant upgrades in your experiences of peace, happiness, connection and fulfillment?
  • Are you working to integrate awakening experiences that don’t fit into your previous paradigm?
  • Do you know you’re here to “change the world,” but you aren’t sure what’s your to do?
  • What might be possible if you had a dedicated ally in your court, holding impeccable space, supporting your ongoing healing, mirroring your evolving self-story, guiding your deep inner listening, and empowering your courage to share the “real you” with the world?

I work with leaders who are ready to bring your soul’s true gifts more fully to light as the visible manifestation of your work and relationships in the world.  The world needs your unique contribution to the greater ecology of consciousness.  I’m here to help you bring ALL of you to light, so that, together, we can love and lead our world.



This is the logic of leading from your soul’s design:

You walk the universal path of the human being and the unique path of your soul.  Your soul purpose is naturally aligned with nature and the greater soul of the world, yet it’s a walk that is unique to your personal sphere of intimacy and influence, the original codes you carry, and the specific wounds, gifts and capacities that make you YOU.

Who you are matters.  What you bring is valuable.  Your gifts are wanted and needed.  In fact, your soul’s unique design fits perfectly into the greater social and spiritual ecology of the universe.

Creating your life and leadership as a conscious expression of your true purpose – of WHO and WHAT you really are – is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others – and the only genuine path to health, success, and happiness.


The 4 keys:
  • Purpose: Your Sacred Contract – Boldly claiming the Big Why of your Incarnation, otherwise known as your Purpose.  This is your contract with the universe and the divine to live your life in alignment with your soul.  Your purpose is the root of your power.
  • Holistic Life Mapping – Discovering and articulating the greater evolutionary story of your life and building an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual context for who you are as a leader, entrepreneur, and change agent.
  • Mastery – Cultivating the skills, life practices, depth healing, and authenticity to go beyond temporary transformation into stable embodiment of your true potential.
  • Your Soul Success – Identify and create a viable delivery system for your gifts – i.e. a soul-based brand and business model – that fits you and supports your lifestyle preferences, creative inspirations, core gifts, truths, optimal wellness & serves your unique circles of intimacy, influence, and impact.


A little about me and how I can help you:

I have a unique expertise in living and leading in alignment with the soul.  I have lived a magical and deeply impactful life according to soul inspiration, deep attention to guidance and committed listening to the greater Soul of the World.  This has been true since my first career as an independent choreographer and community organizer in San Francisco in the 90’s.  My soul guidance has since led me to create a global Dancing Freedom movement, to create a successful soul empowerment business in Japan, to become a permaculture farmer, to work with the UN, international climate change organizations and Indigenous Elders from around the world, to a vibrant relationship with sacred plant medicine, and to continued work to co-create a global network of thriving land-based communities.  This life has taught me how to navigate the unique richness and challenges of living according to the soul, including how to harvest and metabolize massive guidance and epiphany, how to enroll others in my unique vision, how to navigate “the dark night,” how to stay present in the void when I’m not getting clear answers, how to stay on course in the face of massive doubt from family and others around me, how to generate value in areas previously unrecognized in the economy, how to feel through my body and emotions what’s true and not true for me, and how to build tribe around my soul mission.  I can teach you these things.  My personal path with healing chronic pain and trauma has also been an integral part of my soul’s learning and initiation that informs the humility and gentle depth of my work.


I approach our work together as a sacred contract where we dedicate ourselves to the tender work of your true embodiment.  I listen with you to what is arising within and to what the world is calling forth from you.  I support you to create your life and business as an intelligent, mature, and skilled response to this call.  Soulucent Mentoring is safe space to do the inner work, visioning, clarification, branding, and planning required to create a delivery system for your soul’s true work.


Our work and prayer together help you to listen to yourself, to expand and clarify your evolutionary vision of the world you want to create, to articulate your values and direction, and to source your choices, your work, and your relationships from truth, integrity, and joy.


My approach begins with deep listening TO YOU – to your unique context and experience, the specific superpowers you carry, your personal goals and vision, your honest fears, weaknesses and desires, and your unique essence as a soul.


Some qualifications:  I am a certified Dream Coach®, a Reiki Master, a trained Intuitive, and an Ordained Priestess of the 13 Moons. I have a lifetime of practice and training in yoga and somatics, and I hold an M.A. in Wisdom Spirituality with emphasis in Integral Psychology, Ecoshamanic Trauma Mentoring, and Integral Leadership.  I draw on wisdom gained through 25 years of experience as a transformational facilitator, serial entrepreneur, community leader, and medicine guide to help you create your life and work as an authentic expression of your soul.  Additionally, as someone who has founded my own movement modality and trained over 240 people in that modality,  I offer highly specialized support for those creating new embodied modalities, curriculum, or trainings based on an existing body of life work.


What People Are Saying

“Since we’ve been working together, I’ve been able to take my business to new levels of service and success.  I feel more grounded than I’ve been in years and hopeful, passionate, and peaceful about my contribution to the world.”   


“You have given me the courage and the tools to truly be myself.”    

~Erin Duffy, Spiritual Director

“I have a totally new understanding of who I am.  Working with you has given me the courage to know that I have the power to change my life and the knowledge that I am supported by love to make these changes.  I am moving forward from trust in my own light and power.”   

~ Roko Ona, M.D., Tokyo

“Since we started working together, I’ve experienced a profound shift in my perception of self.  I feel in center, in touch, & immensely grateful!”     

~Carolyn Scoville, Healer

“You have impeccable intuition that dives deep beneath the obvious.”   

~ Sarah Drew, Author, Gaia Codex

“Some people talk.  Some people walk.  I’ve learned how to walk from you.”     



Your Choice

Choose your life and the power of your love.  At the intersection of your fate and your choice lies your destiny – the path you will co-create through your conscious engagement with life and with love.  Your life is shaped by the prayer (and the belief) that you hold for yourself and your willingness to walk that prayer.  Are you ready to CHOOSE what you want and to put your love, your intention, your faith, and your good work behind your deeper truth?  If you are, I am ready to support you in the highest intention you have for yourself.

What is Soul and why does it matter in terms of creating a meaningful life?

Soul is the animate energy that permeates all things and gives them their “such-ness,” their specificity.  Your soul is that individuated, fractal energy within you that expresses perfectly and only as your unique blueprint.  Soul is the way you uniquely emanate & embody universal life force.  It flows as your gifts, challenges, choices, expressions, and perceptions.  It is at the heart of what makes you YOU.  Your personality and your essence are both expressions of your soul.  To live in integrity with one’s soul is the foundation for living a meaningful life.  If you are out of integrity with this essence, you likely experience addiction, stress, anxiety, depression, boredom, or any number of other symptoms.  Sure signs of being in integrity:  joy, creativity, belonging, intimacy, satisfaction, and experiencing challenges as growth opportunities.

Is this right for me?

This work is right for you if you have found that you can not be happy unless you live in integrity who you really are.  It’s for you if you know the SOUL-LUTIONS are inside of you, your communities, and your greater listening to the Field of life.  It is for leaders who NEED to manifest the visions they are having of a new dream for humanity.  It is for you if you want to live the life you really came here to live.  It is NOT for people who want easy answers or surface level solutions.


Let’s DO this.

If all this makes sense to you, then I’d love to connect.  Please click here to share a bit about yourself and schedule a free 30 minute exploratory call with me.

Formats for Working With Me
  • 4  Month One-On-One Immersion:  get the mentoring and coaching you need as you navigate inner and outer transitions
  • Medicine Immersion:  a custom 2.5 day container (usually a weekend, but also available mid-week) where you receive shamanic support go deep within.  Heal, reclaim your true self, weave your future through the power of prayer, and craft a powerful foundation for the next cycle of your life.
  • Single sessions:  book a 90 minute stand-alone session with me.
  • I see clients in person in my home temple in the Bay Area, California or by phone internationally.  I prefer not to do Skype calls, but will work with a screen if that feels helpful to you.


~In Beauty~