Samantha Sweetwater | One Life Circle
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A Sanctuary for Your Soul

In honor of the One Life of which we are all a part,
we invite you into these Ancient | Future Ways.
Come.  Make your prayer.


Come home to you.

Walk into the wild.  Let down your armors.  Open to know your Soul through the precise mirror of wild Nature.  Open to embody your life in integration of your instinct, your intuition, and your truth.  This is one of the most ancient and universal ceremonies known to humanity – the return to the wilderness to ask for a vision.  It’s something for everyone.  It’s something our culture forgot that you very much need – a bigger, more essential, and natural mirror for who and what you are and who you are becoming.  It’s especially for you if you know there is something deeper, more mature, integrated, wise, and essential wanting to blossom and bear fruit in your life.  It’s not a workshop.  It’s an initiation.  It’s a sacred container to move through a Rite of Passage into the next phase of your life.

“Hold on to your own truth at the center of the image you were born with.”
~David Whyte

How may workshops have you taken?

How many paths have you walked?

How many promises have you broken?

How many drugs have you tried?

How hard have you worked to transform, then found yourself in the same old stuff again?

This is different.
A vision quest is basically three things.


  • It’s a crucible that supports the alchemy of moving from one life phase to another.  For most people in our current society, this means stepping beyond the adolescent within each of us that was never initiated.  It means saying goodbye to the self-centered patterning of that life phase and moving into the more co-creative, generative, and service driven phases of early and late adulthood.  For most, it also means embracing a deeper level of responsibility as a joyful expression of the truth within your soul.  For others, it means setting down responsibilities that have been imposed through the norms of culture in order to make space for more soul-centric identity, work, and relationships to be born.


  • It is a space to listen to the nature of your soul and to the Soul in nature.  It is a place to tune to the more archetypal, non-linear, imagistic, poetic and subtle dimensions of self, world, spirit and soul.   It is a place to be reflected by the sacred medicines of the more-than-human world and of community so as to more fully see and know yourself, and to root into a deep articulation of who and what you really are.


  • It is a space to make a prayer – a very big prayer – for yourself, for the life waiting to be born on the other side of your full awareness of who you really are.  It’s a place to make a payer to receive a guiding vision for your life.  It is a place to cultivate the courage, stamina, and soul-level coherency needed to create the world you see with your heart.
Why is this important?

You are nature and nature is you.  An unprecedented transition is happening in our civilization – a shift from domination to co-creation, from isolation to connection, from competition to collaboration, from industrialization to innovation.  We are awakening out of 500 years of denial of the body, the spirit, the soul, and the fundamental interconnectivity and aliveness of all things.  The Great Turning is here, and no part of our world – our economies, our infrastructures, our modalities of communication, education, transportation, healing, relationship – will be untouched.  This means that your life, your work, your family and your future, are all a part of the change.  This means it’s time to be all of who you are.  Indeed, it is the only true path to joy, and the most sensible and practical way to thrive into our emergent future.  How you live your life, who you are, what you are, what you are becoming, how you pray, play, and celebrate – all these things matter.  You are a co-creator of this New World.

Tell me more…

For five days and four nights, we will engage in a series of community circles, ceremonies, intentional nature wandering, embodiment practices, and a twenty four hour solo circle sit in a vision quest spot of your choosing.  At each juncture, we, and the community of questers, will support you to integrate the healing, information, and insights you are receiving.


We’d be honored to share this sacred journey with you.  It is timeless and timely.  Your prayers matter.