Samantha Sweetwater | Sacred Leadership for a World In Transition
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White Lion Pilgrimage • South Africa

Civilization stands at an existential precipice.  How we show up and what we do or do not do will make or break the future of our species and all of life on earth.  It’s time for an entirely new game, a next octave of the total human project – and you are one of the leaders shaping that game.


It’s time to be bold and true.  It’s time to awaken the sacred in every aspect of our lives and leadership.


We are moving from the Age of Separation to the Age of Deep Communion. We are enacting new architectures to bring humanity home. We are building regenerative systems, organizations and cultural narratives that can reweave the reciprocity between our species and the rest of nature, distribute creative innovation, and dismantle dying structures and worldviews while stewarding the emergence of an entirely next level evolutionary jump. If we are honest, we have to admit that we are essentially building in the dark.  Therefore me must tune ourselves to the highest possible resonance, open ourselves to expanded connection, vision and genius, and apply our truly awakened hearts to the task.


You know this in your bones:


You are a key player.  You were born for this time.  


You are an architect, a catalyst, a maker, tending an emergence far larger than yourself. Whether your are “out of the closet” with it or not, you ultimately source your choices and steer your course through a profound sensing of energy, intuition and love. You want to create in integrity with nature, but you often don’t know how. Your commitment is to tune yourself as a vehicle – an embodiment the future we are here to co-create.  


Your life isn’t about easy.  It’s about impact.  It’s about beauty.  It’s about inspired action.  It’s about reweaving the fabric of the whole.


This is an Initiation,
a quest to the heart of Africa to uncover the next imperatives on your soul’s path.



The White Lions are mythic harbingers of the Golden Age; they represent the codes of right economy, ecology, governance and systems design. 
They are here to awaken the lionheart within you.
According to them, the future belongs to those with the courage, audacity and luminosity to lead as love, for all of life.
But seriously… why should I travel to the other side of the planet to be with white lions?

Nature reflects the human soul. Look into their eyes. The white lions are medicine.  Big medicine.  They mirror who and what you really are – a winner who knows that the only game worth playing is the one where everyone wins.  The lions are apex predators who’s role is to serve the thriving of all.  Like you, they are are a dominant presence in the ecosystem, yet it is through their diligence and presence that the trophic cascade harmonizes. Without them, the watershed falls apart.

Claim Your Codes of Power & Love.

You are a lion-like leader – a force of nature with the capacity to create coherency for the whole. Going to the lions means deepening your commitment  to service leadership as you rise in your expression of love and light.  There is no where else on earth where you can have direct connection with these rarest of rare apex predators in their natural environment.  They offer a living transmission.  They are an unparalleled embodiment of power as love and love as power in service to the greater good. Quite simply, as you commune with them, you will come to better know yourself through the eyes of these kings and queens of beasts.

This all sounds pretty woo.  Why should I care?

You have seen beyond the horizon.  You know there is more to this world than you were led to believe.  The future, if it is a beautiful one, will be high tech and high nature, high science and high magic.  It will bring unprecedented intelligence, beauty, abundance, creative fulfillment and peace.  In order to bring that future about, you have to be the person who can cause that kind world. You have to resolve what is disconnected within yourself, remember who you truly are and attune to the greater intelligence of Divine and Natural Law.  …is there anything else you would rather do?

What is Sacred Leadership?

You know and experience the reality of our interconnectedness.  You source your choices from what you sense as true.  Sacred Leadership begins here, and seeks to steward the greater good both because it is the “better” thing to do, and because, in both human and spiritual terms, it is what feels most beautiful and good.  This journey is an invitation to refine your integration of instinct, empathy, intuition and intellect, and to align your vision for humanity with Nature and Source.  It’s an opportunity to upgrade your purpose narrative and theory of change.  And, it’s an initiation for your soul to fully embody the unique and radiant purpose you incarnated to fulfill as the center of all that you are and do.

Come back to the ancient heartland of Humanity’s origins to recover the unique seed of what can only be born through you.
Don’t miss this sacred appointment.

We have crafted an exquisite itinerary to satisfy your desire for African adventure, support you in personal and professional growth, and give you the spaciousness you need to recalibrate your body, soul and evolutionary vision with the heart of nature.  Untold beauty awaits you.  You will not be disappointed.

This trip is a tech fast. 

Imagine who you will be after 8 days without your cell phone attached to your head?

  • Included in this EPIC trip:
  • Daily dawn and dusk scientific tracking missions to be with the white lions (for all 5 days at Unicorn Camp)
  • Day trip to Kruger National Park to see the BIG 5 and other animals: elephants, giraffe, rhinos, hippos, and more!
  • Cultural Excursion to local villages, schools, indigenous bone reading, and traditional food & dance
  • Township ROOTS Culture Tour (optional on the 19th before we fly to the Kruger region)
  • Achieving the Impossible: Perspectives on Sacred Leadership with Linda Tucker & Jason Turner
  • Understanding the deeper science, ecology and heart technology of attuning with nature with Jason Turner
  • Hosted Mastermind Dialogues with Samantha
  • Vision walk into the heart of the Drackensburg (“Dragon’s Back”) Mountains
  • Retrieving Your Soul’s Inceptional Purpose at Adam’s Calendar – the Original Stone Circle of ALL stone circles
  • A day of sublime silence on the land
  • Personalized preparatory & integration calls with Samantha
  • One group resonance building call & one group follow up call with Samantha
  • Stay at Unicorn Camp in a traditional style encampment in the heart of white lion country
  • Stay at Linda Tucker’s ancestral family home – a traditional colonial country estate in grand style
  • Enjoy exquisite, healthy, African inspired meals
  • Dance, yoga, & meditation
  • Optional (and highly recommended): Arrive two days early in Johannesburg to enjoy shopping, street life, and culture of one of the hippest up and coming art centers in Africa

Are you in?

We are calling 10 Lionhearted Leaders to form a pride dedicated to supporting each person in becoming the highest versions of ourselves and to align our lives and leadership with the bigger destiny calling of these prophetic times.

June 20-28, 2018


“Beauty itself will save the world.”

What can you expect?

Our incredibly rich, yet spacious itinerary includes daily scientific tracking missions to be with the lions, potent embodiment sessions, a day trip to Kruger National Park, a Cultural Excursion day to meet lionhearted children, teachers, and tribal people, hiking deep into the Dakensberg (Dragon’s Back) Mountains, the world’s third deepest canyon, and a vision walk at Adam’s Calendar (one of the oldest known stone circles on earth).  On the more restful side, we will have a few lazy afternoons in camp, a full day of silence for contemplation and integration, and fireside time to share stories and silence under the African stars.

Our focus on Sacred Leadership will be grounded in Linda Tucker’s 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership, a biomimetic perspective that will richly re-invigorate your perspective on your personal purpose and legacy.  Linda Tucker will personally support you in receiving these teachings, as well as in her historical, mythological, anthropological, and spiritual expertise.  The lions will do their part.  

Our first five days at Unicorn Camp begin and end with scientific tracking missions that allow you to have direct communion with the lions and to spend rich time with Jason Turner, the lionhearted activist and naturalist who has tended to the lions’ return to the land.  Unicorn camp is built as a traditional village.  We stay in rustic rondavelles and enjoy evenings around an open fire surrounded by the vibrant sounds of the African bushveld.

On the sixth day, we journey overland to Linda Tucker’s family home on sacred land about 3 hours from Timbavati, where we will have the opportunity to soak in a rare experience of old Africa in a traditional colonial country manor nestled in the mountains.  Here we will integrate; take a day to go to Kruger (where you will experience Africa’s wildlife); voyage to Adam’s Calendar, the Stonehenge of Africa; and do our integration practices so that we can return with radiance to our lives.

We officially begin with a late-morning flight from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit on June 20th.  We will be onsite in time for afternoon tea and a dusk tracking mission to meet the lions.  We return overland to O.R. Tambo International Airport by 7pm on June 28th. 


We recommend arriving in Johannesburg on June 18th to have a few days to acclimatize. (Plan to arrive NO later than the 19th!)  We will help you find an AirBnB in Maboneng – the hip warehouse zone known as the Brooklyn of Johannesburg.  For those who are already settled on the 19th, your trip includes a township tour to historic Soweto, the largest township in South Africa.  Additionally, for those staying over the night of the 28th, we will help you book lodging at our preferred guest house near the airport (featuring a fantastic French chef.)


Deposit: $1,500 (This guarantees your spot. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.)

I’m in


Your registration fee covers travel within South Africa from pickup in the Maboneng neighborhood of Johannesburg on the 20th to return to OR Tambo Airport on June 28th, all meals and lodging at Unicorn Camp & Margsol Guest House, Kruger National Park excursion, Cultural Excursion, and all instruction, guides and staff support.  It excludes lunch at Kruger National Park, where you can purchase food at an extremely favorable exchange rate.  Delicious meals are lovingly prepared by Inelani, a local chef who integrates the flavors of Africa with healthy, contemporary flair.  Vegan, vegetarian and meat options are always available, as well as gluten-free options.  You are responsible for airport transfer to and from ORT (within Johannesburg), as well as for booking pre and post trip lodging.  We will help you find a loft in the Maboneng neighborhood for the days of your arrival and acclimatization.  (There are fantastic restaurants in this area, as well as galleries, local clothing and vibrant street life.)  If you’re staying for a night or two at the end, we can also help you book a guesthouse near  the airport as well as connect with local things worth doing while you’re there.

IMPORTANT:  This is really a 9+ day trip, beginning early on the 20th and finishing by 7pm on the 28th when you will be returned to OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.  It is best to plan to arrive in Johannesburg on June 18th to have two nights to acclimatize.  If you can’t come on the 18th, be sure to arrive no later than the 19th, as you’ll want to be fully awake for the rest of the tour.  Additionally, a Township tour on June 19th is included in your registration.  (A massively impactful cultural context setting for global leaders!)

“The answers to our questions are everywhere; we just need to change the lens with which we see the world.”
~Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimicry

Why I do this.

I first encountered the White Lion’s in Linda Tucker’s eyes during a ceremony at Chartres Cathedral in 2012.  When we met eye to eye, the world tilted.  Time stood still.  A window opened into a way of fierce and tender embodiment of my leadership and love that I’d never felt before.


At that time, I already had almost 20 years of spiritual voyaging under my belt, and I knew this energy was different in it’s intensity, power and command.  The next day, over a delicious French lunch, Linda invited me to bring a group to the bushveld to meet the lions in person.  I was floored.  Really… me!?  Only a handful of groups get the privilege of visiting the Tsau! White Lion Sanctuary each year.   I have since come to realize that it is because I have an unusually strong heart, a lifelong commitment to an evolutionary leadership mission, and a deep love for nature, spirit and wisdom stewardship, that I was invited.


That first trip rocked all of our worlds.  I don’t exaggerate when I say that it was almost like being on Ayahuasca for 8 days straight.  The veils were open, the healing was intense and challenging, and the insights and take-aways were unprecedented.  I have since been back twice.  Each of these trips has had the quality of a soul crucible and has brought it’s own gifts.  I’ve become a more mature, refined, humble and clear version of myself.


I have never encountered such spiritual power.  There is a true transmission in being in their presence.


You will feel it.  It will change you.

A For-Benefit Mission

In joining this journey, you become part of a Donor Awareness Group in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in their critical work to renaturalize the white lions to the wilds of their native Timbavati heartland and to perpetuate and evolve the ancient shamanic and cultural lineages that have for untold generations stewarded the sacred balance of nature, spirit, and humanity.  A significant portion of your registration is returned to the GWLPT as financial support for this leading global non-profit spearheading the priceless conservation work of protecting these most sacred animals of the African Continent. You may additionally desire to expand philanthropic support above and beyond your registration.


How do you know if this trip is for you?

You will know if this trip is for you because you will feel it.  It is likely they have come to you in visions or in dreams.  This is an animal totem that matches who you are.  As you read this, you already know that this is your time to come and learn directly from them and the land that brought them to life.

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.”
~Albert Einstein