Samantha Sweetwater | LionHeart: South Africa
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LionHeart: South Africa

A Safari for Your Soul

Sacred Leadership for a World in Radical Transition

June 20-29, 2018
Johannesburg • Timbavati • Adam’s Calendar
Claim your spot.  Don’t miss this sacred appointment. 

Nothing compares to the experience of looking directly into the blue eyes of a white lion – the rarest apex predator on Earth.  The white lions of Timbavati are no ordinary lions.  They are master teachers and warriors, and they call you to step into your true nature as a lionhearted leader – a man or a woman who’s work is in service to the harmony of all of life, a sacred human being who’s love is unstoppable and who’s destiny is written in the stars.

Join me, Magalie Bonneau Marcil and a highly curated tribe of like-hearted leaders as you receive direct wisdom from these master beings.  Steep your soul in the ancient medicine of  South Africa’s heartland, stars and culture.  Expand your understanding of life-on-purpose and love-in-service as you learn with some of the most accomplished sacred activists, conservation scientists, and shamanic leaders in the world: Linda Tucker, CEO of the Global White Lion Protection Trust; Jason Turner, lead conservationist of the Global White Lion Protections Trust & their world class team.  Cultivate intentional sacred mastermind with an extraordinary group of peers.  Attune to your your Divine Human Nature and Original Purpose as your bask in the power and presence of the white lions and the wisdom of the land.


Are you in?

We are calling 10 LionHearted leaders to join us in a rare appointment with the most sacred animals on earth to assist us all in becoming the highest versions of ourselves and to align our lives and leadership with the bigger destiny calling of these prophetic times.

  • Open to a bigger magic
  • Remember how to listen, with your whole body and being, for what is most synergistic and true
  • Let the lions reflect your natural majesty, wisdom and play
  • Reconnect with your deepest ancestral wisdom through the African Heartland, Animals, and People
  • Align your evolutionary life mission with Divine Law through the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership
  • Reimagine success through a truly evolutionary lens
  • Rewild your body, heart, mind, and soul
  • Embody the immense power of your LionHeart destiny



Why me?  Why now?

This journey will fundamentally re-align you with your higher destiny calling.  You have been on the path for long time, yet you are ready for more.  You know those next keys live in your heart, body and soul – aligned with your brilliant mind.  You know those keys require a deeper listening.  You are ready to step up on the planetary stage of your influence and to embody your unique leadership signature with greater finesse, integration of your masculine and feminine, and capacity to navigate complexity with grace, fortitude and integrity.  You know that your next steps have everything to do with your capacity to integrate the guidance of source and nature.  You are ready to do this while deeply trusting yourself.   

You have incarnated to offer substantive leadership for the benefit of all.  Your legacy will be one of stewardship. And you know that this year – 2018 – is a crucial gateway for the future of all.


The white lions of Timbavati are messengers from the stars carrying the authentic codes for a world that works for all.  This may sound esoteric and strange, but the white lions have come to help you coherently align with your place in the bigger story.  Your legacy contribution will become ever more harmonious through the Integrated Brilliance of your LionHearted purpose and love.


By coming to South Africa, you receive a very rare opportunity to receive direct transmissions from these beings who carry the codes of courage, life-aligned royalty, power, service, enlightenment, beauty, and truth.  As you drink these codes into your cells and learn the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership, you will be supported to expand your vision and anchor your purpose in deeper harmony with the higher calling of our soul.


A Safari for the Soul

We have crafted an exquisite itinerary to satisfy your deepest yearnings for African adventure and personal and professional growth while simultaneously giving you the spaciousness you need to recalibrate your body, soul and evolutionary vision with the Lion Codes.  Untold beauty awaits you.  You will not be disappointed.

An important side note:  We highly recommend arriving in Johannesburg by June 18th and NO LATER THAN June 19th to get your bearings on local time and culture.

  • Included in this EPIC trip:
  • Daily dawn and dusk scientific tracking missions to be with the white lions (for all 5 days at Unicorn Camp)
  • Day trip to Kruger National Park to see the BIG 5 and other animals: elephants, giraffe, rhinos, hippos, and more!
  • Cultural Excursion to local villages, schools, indigenous bone reading, and traditional food & dance
  • Township ROOTS Culture Tour (optional on the 19th before we fly to the Kruger region)
  • Depth dive into the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership & Star Prophesy with Samantha & Linda
  • Understanding the deeper science & ecology and attuning with nature with Jason Turner
  • Hosted Mastermind Dialogues with Magalie & Samantha
  • Vision walk into the heart of the Drackensburg (“Dragon’s Back”) Mountains
  • Guided soul retrieval meditation at Adam’s Calendar – the Original Stone Circle of ALL stone circles
  • A day of sublime silence on the land
  • Personalized reparatory & integration coaching calls with either Samantha or Magalie
  • One group resonance building call & one group follow up call with Samantha & Magalie
  • Stay at Unicorn Camp in a traditional style encampment in the heart of white lion country
  • Stay at Linda Tucker’s ancestral family home – a traditional colonial country estate in grand style
  • Enjoy exquisite, healthy, African inspired meals
  • Dance, yoga, & meditation
  • Optional (and highly recommended): Arrive two days early in Johannesburg to enjoy shopping, street life, and culture of one of the hippest up and coming art centers in Africa

Why White Lions?

They are a reflection of who and what you truly are.  Look into their eyes and see your highest prayer.

The white lions are genetically distinct from tawny lions. They are not albinos. They are star seeded beings.  (Studies are currently being done on the rare genetic marker in their gene sequence.)  Culturally, they are linked with the most ancient lineages of African Lion Shamans and Kings and the Great Mysteries of Egypt. According to prophesy, they have incarnated at this time as enlightened messengers for the humans as we work together to create a world that works for our own future and for the future of life on earth.

They invite liberation into your true nature as enlightened consciousness and creative responsibility to all of life. They call you to step forward as a co-creator – not just with other human beings – but with all beings. They reflect your actual power as a keystone predator influencing the evolution of our biosphere, and show you how to attune this power to Divine and Natural Law.

The 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership instruct reciprocity, dignity, maturity, wisdom, persistence, patience, harmony, justice, unity, compassion, empathy, and fearlessness. They instruct Right Relationship in all aspects of our lives. Their 13 Laws critically inform how to create whole-systems for deep wealth, bioregional regenesis, evolutionary governance, integral enlightenment, regenerative technology, new paradigms for family and partnership, and more. They help us to see and know freedom and responsibility as two sides of the same coin.

As a LionHeart leader, you are a here to embody a re-code of true majesty – walking in the footsteps of kings, queens, pharaohs, priests, priestesses, and shamans.  

What can you expect?

Our incredibly rich, yet spacious itinerary includes daily scientific tracking missions to be with the lions, potent embodiment sessions, a day trip to Kruger National Park, a Cultural Excursion day to meet lionhearted children, teachers, and tribal people, hiking deep into the Dakensberg (Dragon’s Back) Mountains, the world’s third deepest canyon, and a vision walk at Adam’s Calendar.  On the more restful side, we will have a few lazy afternoons in camp, a full day of silence for contemplation and integration, and time to share stories and silence around the fire under the African stars.

Our focus on the 13 Laws of White Lion leadership will richly re-invigorate your perspective on your personal purpose and legacy.  Linda Tucker will personally support you in receiving teachings, as well as in her historical, mythological, anthropological, and spiritual expertise.  The lions will do their part.  In my experience, I have never encountered such spiritual power.  There is a true transmission in being in their presence.  You will feel it.  It will change you. We begin bright and early on May 11th with a 6am departure for a beautiful overland journey from Johannesburg to Timbavati (Those who wish to fly are welcome to book a flight).  We return to O.R. Tambo International Airport on May 20th.

Our first five days at Unicorn Camp begin and end with scientific tracking missions that allow you to have direct communion with the lions and to spend rich time with Jason Turner, the lionhearted activist and naturalist who has tended to the lions’ return to the land.  Unicorn camp is built as a traditional village.  We stay in rustic rondavelles and enjoy evenings around an open fire surrounded by the vibrant sounds of the African bushveld.

On the sixth day, we journey overland to Linda Tucker’s family home on sacred land about 3 hours from Timbavati, where we will have the opportunity to soak in a rare experience of old Africa in a traditional colonial country manor nestled in the mountains.  Here we will integrate; take a day to go to Kruger (where you will experience Africa’s wildlife); voyage to Adam’s Calendar, the Stonehenge of Africa; and do our integration practices so that we can return with radiance to our lives.

We begin bright and early on May 11th with a 6am departure for a beautiful overland journey from Johannesburg to Timbavati (Those who wish to fly are welcome to book a flight).  We return to O.R. Tambo International Airport on the 20th.


Deposit: $1,500 (This guarantees your spot. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.)

Your registration fee covers all overland travel from pickup in the Maboneng neighborhood of Johannesburg to return to OR Tambo Airport, meals and lodging at Unicorn Camp & Margsol Guest House, Kruger National Park excursion, Cultural Excursion, and all instruction and staff support.  It excludes a few casual meals while we are away from camp, where you will have opportunity to purchase food at an extremely favorable exchange rate.  Delicious meals are lovingly prepared by a local chef who integrates the flavors of Africa with healthy, contemporary flair.  Vegan, vegetarian and meat options are always available, as well as gluten-free options.

IMPORTANT:  This is really a 10 day trip, beginning at 6am on the 11th and finishing by 7pm on the 20th when you will be returned to OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg.  It is best to plan to arrive in Johannesburg on May 9th to have two nights to acclimatize.  We will help you find Air B&B lodging and share adventures in the hip and fun neighborhood of Maboneng.  We’ll also help arrange a tour of the local Townships and Apartheid museum (DEEP cultural must-do!) on the 10th.  If you can’t come on the 9th, be sure to arrive no later than the 10th, as we leave at 6am on the morning of the 11th.


A For-Benefit Mission

In joining this journey, you become part of a Donor Awareness Group in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in their critical work to renaturalize the white lions to the wilds of their native Timbavati heartland and to preserve and perpetuate the ancient shamanic and cultural lineages that have for untold generations stewarded the sacred balance of nature, spirit, and humanity.  A significant portion of your registration is returned to the GWLPT as financial support for this leading global non-profit spearheading the priceless conservation work of protecting these most sacred animals of the African Continent. You may additionally desire to expand philanthropic support above and beyond your registration.


Why I do this.


I love this life and the earth and I’m here to roar my love like a lion – a big hearted, bold, compassionate commitment to the evolutionary potential of humanity to co-create a world that works for all.  The white lions reflect a code of conduct that answers the question, “How would nature do it?”  When I look at life, love, and leadership through their eyes, I see a way forward that aligns with the more-than-human world.

I am entirely dedicated to consciousness, earth wisdom, and helping you to embody your highest purpose on the planet at this critical time.  The lions are some of my most trusted guides and teachers on this path.  They mirror to me my life-long commitment to co-create a regenerative culture of peace for all beings.  Being with them is like no other spiritual experience I have known.  In their presence, I have felt more palpable contact with divine presence and Divine Law than I have known with any other teacher or teaching, medicine or guide.  At the same time, being with them in their indigenous context – the gritty reality of conservation and African culture, politics and economy – puts the imperatives and responsibilities of regenerative leadership into intense focus.  In their eyes, freedom and responsibility are one and the same ultimate truth. 

It’s my privilege to invite you to experience their presence and teachings directly.   I was offered this opportunity by Linda Tucker, founder of the Global White Lion Trust, when I met her in Chartres, France during the Summer Solstice of 2012.  That first fateful meeting has grown in me as a spiritual commitment to the lions, the land, the lineages, and the future of life and light.  It is informed by the 13 Laws of White Lion Leadership.  I now also work year-round with Linda Tucker to support the lions’ global mission of conservation and activism for awakening, peace, and harmony for all beings. 


How do you know if this trip is for you?


You will know if this trip is for you because you will feel it in your heart.  You see the lions as yourself with your soul’s eyes; you hear their call in your bones and most subtle bodies.  The ancestors that walk with them, in some mysterious way, already walk with you.  As you read this, you already know that this is your time to come and learn directly from them and the land that brought them to life.

As above, so below.  As below, so above.

As within, so without.  As without, so within.