Samantha Sweetwater | Walking Beauty | Women’s Weekend
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Once upon a time, in cultures around the globe, women were respected as the keepers of balance and bringers of harmony for community.  They tended culture and economy, medicine and education, hearths and souls.  They were the medicine women, midwives, story tellers, scribes, seers and keepers of the coffers of right economy.  They were the one’s who’s hearts and wisdom guided that way forward.  In some indigenous traditions, that pathway was called Walking Beauty.  We are slowly remembering.


Now, it is time for women to re-awaken to our sacred contract to tend the soul of our world through both sublime and immensely practical action.


The essence of feminine spirituality is the recognition that there is no separation between the sacred and the profane, between spirit and matter, between soul and body.  Walking Beauty invites the re-union of our spiritual perception with the holy in the world.  Because, the world is the Goddess, and we are with Her in co-creating the Force of Beauty on this Earth.


Evolution is a Feminine Function.


The Walking Beauty experience combines sacred plant ceremony, deep soul reflection and embodied practice with relaxation and play, providing a loving gateway for your personal and professional growth as a woman.  The world is ready to receive you as an integrated feminine being.  This is your invitation to step forward in full radiance.


We need your soul on deck. Without apology.


Join us March 24-25, 2018 for a weekend to remember.


Praying & playing together unlocks our secret super powers.
As we share our love & empower each others’ visions, we heal all of life.
Why should I come?

This two day retreat is sacredly fun, supremely rejuvenating, uniquely empowering, healing and wise. Learn new tools for self care, ceremony, maintaining your energy and elevation in your day-to-day life and soul-based business.  Receive the space you need to pause and take stock of your life so that you can carry forward in Amazing Grace.  Connect with other like-hearted women.  And, enjoy this intimate opportunity to be in wisdom council with Samantha who shares special tools and guidance particular to each group.

What’s the bigger reason we’re doing this?

Our world needs women who are awake, aligned, relaxed, nourished, and alight with an inner knowledge of abundance, wisdom, trust, and love.  We need each other to know ourselves.  Women thrive in the reflection of other women.  We can bring our love to our lives when we nourish our bodies, our creativity and our souls.  We take flight when we support each other to heal, expand, and live into the Big and Tender Visions we hold in our hearts and wombs.

Why do we call it Walking Beauty?

To Walk in Beauty is to walk in alignment with the true nature of our souls and the truth of nature.  It is to walk in alignment with our prayers, our bodies, and our wombs.  It is to live in integrity with our Original Instructions, which means tending the balance in All Things through our creativity, our actions, and the things we choose not to do and say.  It is to recognize ourselves as evolutionary co-creators.  It is to live with an open and listening heart.

I honor your unique power and light.  I invite your little girl, your warrior, your mother, your queen…  I see you.
The Invitation

These ceremonies tend the planetary circle of Sisters joining together in soul and heart to co-create the world we want.  You are a part of the sacred hoop mending itself as we create and live from our love.  You are a part of the transition from a civilization based on self to a civilization based on soul.  Circles of women, praying, playing and co-creating, are foundational to the restoration of balance.  It would be my deep joy to gather and pray with you in this way.  You honor me when you show up in the fullness of your vulnerability, your majesty and your beauty.

March 24-25, 2018


“Beauty itself will save the world.”