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~ Lau Tzu


You walk a universal human walk. And, you walk in your own shoes. No one else can offer the world the particular gifts embedded within your soul the way you can. Through Evolutionary Soul Mentoring, I empower each person’s unique gifts so that, together, we can bring forward the evolutionary potential waiting to be born through the Soul of Humanity.  It will take every one of us.  Will you join me?

Your contribution is precious. Your creativity is a gift. Your vision is an invaluable part of the whole. 

You see, the rainbow is made of all the colors, and the ecosystem is not complete without all of its contributing parts. Your soul’s gifts are needed to fulfill the wholeness seeking to be born in these evolutionary times. Whatever you dream, whatever you are here to contribute, I am here to support you.  And, we are here to do it together.  There is strength in our shared empowerment.  You do not have to do it alone.

Dancing Freedom VISION 2009
There have been rumors…
They are true.  Change is afoot. The ground is uncertain. It is time to let go of the shore, dive into the current, and an find deeper joy in living your true potential.  Will you resist or come with the flow? Evolution invites you to grow.

As a human being, you are designed to thrive in community, connection, and relationship.  You are hard-wired for collaboration. It just takes a little bit of re-learning to remember how good your life can be when you don’t do it alone.  Your soul knows its destiny as a co-creator of peace. We invite you to follow this calling with us now.

“You have to do it by yourself. You can not do it alone.”

~Thich Nhat Hanh 

People will change the world.  People will create peace.  We will do this through our experience of self, through our relationships with our partners, families and chosen families, through our communities and worldplaces, and in relationship to the places we live and our environments.  We will do this through businesses and non-profits, clubs and associations, initiatives and movements.  We will do this in networks of resource sharing that transcend and include our current economy.  We will do this as one people, one planet, working individually and together, towards a common goal of peace.