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Soul Quest


Soul Quest


Make your prayer. Walk deeper into your sacred human life.

July 27-31, 2016  •  Mount Shasta California
With Samantha Sweetwater & Dane Golden Wolf

In 1997, after a career as a professional dancer, choreographer and community organizer, she founded Dancing Freedom®, a movement practice for all bodies for the evolution of Self and community.  She has helped to birth the emergent conscious dance industry, having facilitated Dancing Freedom on 5 continents and trained over 240 facilitators.  Her students have gone on to create successful ecstatic dance communities around the world, to found Dancing Without Borders, to co-found the Young Women’s Leadership Training, to work in the United Nations Peace University, and to facilitate Movement Medicine in the Nation’s largest hospital group, in women’s crisis centers, Occupy rallies, permaculture trainings, WakeUps, conferences, festivals and community gatherings globally. Between 2007 and 2010, she founded and co-directed PeaceBody Japan, a school for integral personal growth, that assisted hundreds of Japanese to create more soulful, successful and co-creative lives.


In 2013,  she has focused her considerable energy on bringing the embodied transformational tools of Dancing Freedom into collaboration with Fundación Cummunidad Sustentable in Ecuador to build, a nationwide Social Innovation training platform, in partnership with the Ashoka, Kaospilot and Bid Net.


Her educational background includes a self created degree in Social Theory and the Dance (BA, UCSC with Honors) with a secondary emphasis in Legal Philosophy.  She is in the process of completing a combined Masters/PhD with Wisdom University.  A gifted intuitive and clairsentient, she has trained with the Foundation for Spiritual Development, the Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School and with various shamans and healers globally.  She is an ordained priestess in the 13 Moon Goddess Lineage of Ariel Spilsbury, a Reiki Master and a certified Dream Coach.  Her professional experience bridges ten years as an independent choreographer, dancer and producer in the San Francisco alternative arts scene, 10 years of teaching and training yoga teachers, and over 20 years of leadership experience from student government to arts and environmental community.  Her greatest learnings have come though a lifetime of daily immersion in the “more than human” world of Nature, 24 years of dance and somatics practice, training, research, and performance, 20 years of advanced yoga study, practice and teaching, and the ongoing journeys of RELATIONSHIP.

“Oneness Excludes nothing. No exceptions.”

There is an original wholeness seeking to be known through us humans.  We are the keystone species in the current unfoldment of evolution.  It is a rare position of power, responsibility and opportunity.  Now is the time when we will either make manifest an emergent sacred blueprint for being a human being and co-creating civilization or become history.

This is no ordinary invitation.  I reach out to you with a sacred calling from the Lions of Timbavati, the White Star Lions who have incarnated on this planet at this time as enlightenment bearers and messengers of the Ancient Future. 

It is a calling already embedded within your soul.  They call to the ancient star knowledge within you that knows you are here to play a committed role in evolving human consciousness and civilization based in Truth, Love and Beauty. They call to you with the authority of Natural and Divine Law to know yourself more fully as an agent of change, coherency and rebalancing at this time of the Great Turning.   They call on you to find the heart of fearlessness within yourself and to bring that fearlessness to your life and work in the world.


The lion code is a code of kings and queens, pharos, priests and priestess, and shamans.  It is a code of sacred leadership that must be in alignment with life in order for life itself to thrive.

You will know if this trip is for you because you will feel it in your heart.  You see the lions as yourself with your soul’s eyes; you hear their call in your bones and most subtle bodies.  The ancestors that walk with them, in some mysterious way, already walk with you.  As you read this, you already know that this is your time to come and learn directly from them and the land that brought them to life.

Timabavati means, literally, “the place where the stars come to earth.” 

We will go to the Origin Place of the White Lions and see what it has to teach us – about being human, about being divine, and about how we can more coherently lead, love and co-create in these critical times.  They are calling us to co-create a Golden Age for humanity and All Beings.  We will examine the mysteries and prophesy inherent in the existence of the White Lions and explore how these teachings reflect directly into each of our individual leadership missions at this time.  The pilgrimage is an initiation of the Lion Heart within you seeking to be made more fully manifest in every aspect of your life and leadership.


“If you harm the white lion, you harm the land.  If you kill the white lion, you kill the land.”  ~Maria Khosa, Lion Queen of Timbavati

This trip is additionally a commitment to support the Global White Lion Protection Trust in their critical work to renaturalize the white lions to the wilds of their native Timbavati heartland and to preserve and perpetuate the ancient shamanic lineage and culture that has for untold generations stewarded the sacred balance of nature, spirit and the human realms.  As you join this pilgrimage, you offer your support to a leading global non-profit doing the critical conservation work of protecting these most sacred animals of the African Continent.  You may be called to continue this support beyond our time at the Sanctuary.


During our time at GWLPT, we will have daily opportunity to join dawn and dusk tracking trips to view the white lions.  We will enjoy a full day cultural excursion to visit one of the villages within the sanctuary.  And, we will take one full day on Safari in the larger Kruger National Park to be with the Big Game of Africa.  Our program also includes a half day with Linda Tucker, founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust and lineage carrier of the teachings of White Lion Leadership.  In our remaining time, we will lean in to sacred practice (meditation, yoga and Dancing Freedom) and hold counsel circle to unpack the emergent wisdom of our group.  We will place particular focus on becoming fearless – meeting and transcending the fears that keep us from bringing forth the soul visions we already hold in our hearts as living businesses, relationships and initiatives in the world.

IMG_5602I have the rare privilege and duty of inviting you to join me at the Private Tsau! sanctuary of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in South Africa.  I was given this invitation by Linda Tucker, founder of the Trust, when I met her in Chartres, France during the Summer Solstice of 2012.  It has grown in me as a spiritual commitment to learn directly from the White Lions and to unpack and embody the mysteries of life and evolution for which they stand.  If you feel them, as I do, this invitation is for you.

As above, so below. As below, so above.  As within, so without.  As without, so within.