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A New Kind Of Person, Soul Transition / 17.03.2013

Waking up is sacred business.  In the moments between dreaming and waking, the universe changes.  That is, the universe as you (and you really are a whole universe!) shifts consciousness in a truly basic and radical way.  When we are asleep, we dream the world awake.  When we are awake, we live it.  How you surf the numinous bridge between...

Uncategorized / 29.03.2012

Regenerate Yourself Has it ever occurred to you that nothing ever repeats itself in the universe?   Nothing.  Every moment is literally a new moment.  Therefore, you are regenerating yourself in every moment.  Literally, you cannot repeat, re-do or recreate ANYTHING… EVER. This means that habit is an illusion, or an attachment.  We are way more free than we think we are.  The...