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Uncategorized / 21.01.2014

So, here's a confession.Today, I'm working with one of the deepest teachers of my life:Chronic pain.This isn't a teacher I've talked about a lot. It's not glamorous or attractive.It isn't a teacher I wanted to have.Pain never is.But, today, I'm waking up for the umpteenth morning with enough pain in my hands, wrists and elbows that just lifting a glass of...

Uncategorized / 09.09.2013

What do dancers, Burners, organic farmers, artists, healers, conscious parents and sacred activists all have in common? 1.) We choose to live life at the improbable edge of beauty and simplicity, giving our time, energy and attention, our blood, sweat and tears back to the earth, into our prayers, and in service to the continuity and interconnectivity of all of life....

Embodied Intimacy, Uncategorized / 07.04.2010

In this laboratory called LIVING, what you can see, sense, feel, test out and replicate for yourself is proof, it is the evidence, the verification, of what works. It reveals an experiential (or phenomonological) condition of reality. It reveals the true conditions through which consciousness arises. So, If it is true for the body & heart...