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Uncategorized / 02.01.2014

If you're like me (and at least 50% of Americans) It's likely that you've been dancing into New Year resolutions.  (Yay for positive growth and self-care!)  This time of year is a great time for renewed commitment.  But, it turns out that 88% of Americans fail at meeting their New Year resolutions.    Why?    (What interests me about my resolutions - and...

Uncategorized / 15.08.2012

1.)  Oneness excludes nothing.  No exceptions.  Unconditional love includes all things.  If we genuinely look into the mechanism by which oneness occurs, it necessarily EMBRACES the totality of creation.  No exceptions.  Oneness is the all-ness of the everything that is.  Period.2.) Fear is the inception point of love.  Fear is life loving life, the root impulse of life protecting itself.  It's the...

Embodied Intimacy, Uncategorized / 07.04.2010

In this laboratory called LIVING, what you can see, sense, feel, test out and replicate for yourself is proof, it is the evidence, the verification, of what works. It reveals an experiential (or phenomonological) condition of reality. It reveals the true conditions through which consciousness arises. So, If it is true for the body & heart...