Samantha Sweetwater | intimacy
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A New Kind Of Person, Embodied Intimacy / 02.10.2010

What is partner? Endlessly, I am called into this sweet addiction to experience… Teasing out the strands of marriage and usury – true engagement untangled from insecure attachment. I have exchanged with you the most sacred of contracts. Our mirrors are well met. Holograms harmonizing and expanding through the sweet friction of difference. You are me. I am you. And not. What is our honest alignment? What is the form that...

Embodied Intimacy, Uncategorized / 07.04.2010

In this laboratory called LIVING, what you can see, sense, feel, test out and replicate for yourself is proof, it is the evidence, the verification, of what works. It reveals an experiential (or phenomonological) condition of reality. It reveals the true conditions through which consciousness arises. So, If it is true for the body & heart...