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Uncategorized / 27.10.2013

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Choice.  Change.  Courage. Here’s my question for the week: Live a life of order, dependability, safety and culturally pre-defined pathways to success? OR Live the one, true, wild, strange, beautiful, magical, ever challenging, continuously learning, co-creative and constantly emergent dance of the life spirit intends for you?  A life lived in accord with the magic, chaos and order of life itself? Uh...

Sacred Leadership, Soul Transition / 02.04.2013

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Hey Friend, This is an invitation to pause. Imagine, just for a few minutes, the world you really want to live in – the one Yoko and John showed us, the one where you get to romp in the grass everyday, where the sun warms your skin, where your body is radiantly healthy, where everyone dances regularly, and where our parents  and...

A New Kind Of Person, Sacred Leadership, Uncategorized / 23.02.2013

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buy brand name lexapro What Do You Feed? For years, I used to hear a little, quiet voice in my head saying, Your life IS MAGIC.  It's as magic as you think it is.  It's as magic as you will let it be. This little voice was telling me that it is up to me to allow and cultivate my true dreaming, my honest power and my...