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Uncategorized / 01.08.2013

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Why Unify?  Why pray?  What does life want from each of us, and for all of us, together? Today, I am preparing for VISION and for a major ceremony with UNIFY at Beloved Festival next week.   This is spirit's voice through me in this moment: I trust each of you, to the depths of my core, in the listening we hold as...

Uncategorized / 15.08.2012

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] 1.)  Oneness excludes nothing.  No exceptions.  Unconditional love includes all things.  If we genuinely look into the mechanism by which oneness occurs, it necessarily EMBRACES the totality of creation.  No exceptions.  Oneness is the all-ness of the everything that is.  Period.2.) Fear is the inception point of love.  Fear is life loving life, the root impulse of life protecting itself.  It's the...

A New Kind Of Person, The End & The Beginning, Uncategorized / 16.09.2011

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Vision:  ONE EARTH TEMPLES Living, useable spaces - embodied oneness temples - form the spiritual and cultural backbone of a new civilization. Each temple is between 2 and 3,000sf Each temple is a vibrant, unique hub for community ceremony, celebration, counsel and education. Each temple anchors the divine union of body, soul, spirit and service. They are built with exquisite care and devotion in accord...

Uncategorized / 28.11.2009

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We are not alone in the hearing Because the listening itself is a fabric, a connective act, a verb that is a tissue, a structure, a promise of gossamer connectivity between all things In all time In now....