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Uncategorized / 01.08.2013

Why Unify?  Why pray?  What does life want from each of us, and for all of us, together? Today, I am preparing for VISION and for a major ceremony with UNIFY at Beloved Festival next week.   This is spirit's voice through me in this moment: I trust each of you, to the depths of my core, in the listening we hold as...

Sacred Leadership, The End & The Beginning / 10.02.2013

Are You Overwhelmed? Some thoughts on information overload and the path of non-violence.   Lately, I've been present to how information overwhelm is a subtle form of violence – a stressor on the nervous system that prevents me from actually embodying peace.  Have you noticed the way your body feels when you are working to take in all the information coming at you...

Uncategorized / 28.11.2009

We are not alone in the hearing Because the listening itself is a fabric, a connective act, a verb that is a tissue, a structure, a promise of gossamer connectivity between all things In all time In now....