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Uncategorized / 01.08.2013

Why Unify?  Why pray?  What does life want from each of us, and for all of us, together? Today, I am preparing for VISION and for a major ceremony with UNIFY at Beloved Festival next week.   This is spirit's voice through me in this moment: I trust each of you, to the depths of my core, in the listening we hold as...

A New Kind Of Person, Sacred Leadership, The End & The Beginning / 22.05.2013

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="310"] Live awake here and now in the spiral of time.[/caption] Have you noticed moments unfolding in infinity?  Have you noticed whole days slipping by almost without notice? Have you recently experienced yourself getting more done in less time than you could have possibly imagined to be possible?  While sometimes, the most basic things take a near infinity? This...