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A New Kind Of Person, Soul Transition / 09.12.2014

[vc_separator type="small" position="center" width="27" up="18" down="32"] Who are you? What are you? Why are you here? When you "remember who you are", what are you remembering? Are you "awake?" And, if it's so important to "remember who you are", why do we forget? These questions have shaped my life since I can remember.  They have driven me in a fundamental commitment to live a life that matches the truth of my soul. I "woke up" when...

Uncategorized / 15.08.2012

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order Dilantin from canada 1.)  Oneness excludes nothing.  No exceptions.  Unconditional love includes all things.  If we genuinely look into the mechanism by which oneness occurs, it necessarily EMBRACES the totality of creation.  No exceptions.  Oneness is the all-ness of the everything that is.  Period.2.) Fear is the inception point of love.  Fear is life loving life, the root impulse of life protecting itself.  It's the...